Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Points2shop is a scam site

Is points2shop a scam site ?

Points2shop or P2S is definitely a scam site!

Points2shop is not legit! It is not safe! Surveys for money scam! You can’t really make a lot of money from point2shop. There are many more legit survey sites. Nonetheless, surveys for money sites are the same. I think they share the common scams tactic. They just want to waste your time so they can earn more money from advertisers. Do you think you can get paid to take surveys? They only cheat you out of your time! Most of the time, you might get disqualified for your survey. Listen to my advice my friend. Don’t waste your precious time in Points2shop or any getting paid online surveys sites! Trust me! You can get a better paid or salary from a real world jobs.

You think you can get free stuff or get free gift easily. Then I would say you are dreaming. You need to do a lot of surveys, download many files to your computer (which have virus), do online task, etc. All this things you only get a few cents to a few dollars! And then you buy what with a few dollars? Some wires from Amazon which you want to strangle yourself? I mean come on man. Be realistic here. You need to get many points or money to buy those expensive electronic gadgets or things that you want to buy. I had been working online for years, I know it is very hard to make money online. Therefore, most of you may regret for joining points2shop. You might get disappointed!

Please read all of the information provided. All of the pictures & words available. You can decide whether or not to join P2S. For those who had joined, you better hope they don’t ban you. My advice to you is to cash out as soon as possible & get the hell out of there!

Points2shop is a scam site. More than a month now points2shop block my account. Accusing me of using proxy. When in fact I didn't use any proxy. I explained to them that I didn't use, but they ignore me.

Imagine more than a month of dispute. Very frustrating! Always blaming the fault on me. I provided them with proofs. Proofs from other sites with my login history, but they denied it. Giving more lame excuses as always. I already provided them with proofs but they still accusing me of using proxy. I explained & explained but they still accusing me. Always blaming their members. Only they are right, the members are wrong!

You can see the proofs below:

points2shop no proxy picture 1
points2shop no proxy picture 2
- I thought my web browser have changed their settings because of malware. I thought my web browser can cause me to login as proxy. In truth, it didn’t. I asked other sites to provide me with their login history. The admins on other sites are very nice! Not like P2S admins! So the other sites gave me the login details. As you can see from other sites, my country is shown as Malaysia. No other countries. And there is no proxy detected.

They don't want to admit they are wrong! Their system is program to blame the fault on their members. No other sites are like this. Believe me! Stay away from P2S site! Be careful, you might be ban 1 day !

You can see my money in my account. I am unable to cash out because they block my account. I can’t do anything. Not even complaint in their own forum. My money shall be frozen in time forever.
my points2shop account
red warning message
3 tickets open

You can see below my second ticket was opened on 9 August. My third ticket is the continuous of my second ticket. I had to open a 3rd ticket because they closed my 2nd ticket just like that. I was very angry by then! Such a terrible admin. Slow, arrogant, selfish admin. They mostly blame all the fault on the members side. They don’t want to admit they done wrong. Their system have bugs & errors. I can say too many bugs! If you don’t believe me, you can go to their forum > Bugs section. Even when you read my post here, their site still have many bugs. Check it out!

Look at the pictures in sequences:
 1st ticket
1st ticket pic1
1st ticket pic2
1st ticket pic3
2nd ticket
2nd ticket pic1
2nd ticket pic2
2nd ticket pic3
2nd ticket pic4
2nd ticket pic5
3rd ticket
3rd ticket picture1
- I even apologize to them!
3rd ticket picture2
3rd ticket picture3
3rd ticket picture4
3rd ticket picture5
- Look carefully, instead of giving me the correct answers. They asked me more questions. Don’t you thing something isn’t right here!

I want to remind you that their downloaded files to get points have malware! For the survey, I am not sure, probably have malware too. My computer was infected before for downloading the web browser toolbar. I was getting too much adware pop up whenever I surf the internet. Very annoying! I did however manage to get rid of all those malware & adware. You see, you risk getting your computer infected by doing task in their site. Even their own site have 1 suspicious file detected. Take a look!

suspicious file detected in P2S
details of suspicious file in P2S
details of suspicious file 2 in P2S

My account was getting block 2 times. The 1st time they unblocked me. The second time, they decided to block my account for indefinite time. I was getting suspicious. Something fishy is going on. I started to find out whether P2S is really a scam site or not. I was surprise to found out the outcome!

Please check out all the links I provided:

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- You can see there are many who had been scam.
- Those gave 5 stars are those who got paid or who work for points2shop.

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- You can see the “F” in bbb website. hahaha  F = FAIL
- Please read the complaints!

I had loss a lot of money because of advertising to promote P2S. About US$21 dollars. Luckily for me, I gain it back from other paying sites. Their referral system is not transparent. They only pay you when your referral complete an offer above 10 points/cents for you to receive the offer bonus. They didn’t write any info about it in their site. I loss money because of it.  :( Thinking that I can easily get a lot of money from my referrals. They are scamming us. Remember, when you see something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You can check out my post in their forum. Complaining about their referral system. Please read every posts. You can see there are bugs too in their referral system. 1 person complaint about not getting paid the full bonus of $1.00 for his US referral. Another person was confuse in registration bonus part, sometimes he is getting registration bonus without the first green check, and sometime not getting registration bonus even after the green check. They can’t hide on their forum because it is public place. Members & non members can see the forum. They can’t do anything but to apologize. Hehehe

Read the full thread here:

I don’t want to fight with them anymore. So I decided to quit from P2S. Wasted my time & money only. I wish I never found this site before. For those of you who just know about this site. You should take precaution to stay away from it. They will take your identity & personal details. There is no privacy actually. Who knows what they want to do with your personal details! Yes, of course some got paid. They pay them to attract more members to their site. They get a lot of money from the advertisers, we as the members get a tiny fraction of the money only. We do survey for them, they get to make a lot of money. We, the members on the other hand, get only little pay for our hard work. Waste our time only.

In my opinion, points2shop pay mostly to their US members. Why? Because US traffic is the most valuable traffic in the world. Points2shop gain a lot from their US members. Most other countries I think will be ban by them because we are useless to them. I was getting more & more referrals this past few months. My referrals are mostly international referrals. I think they decided to ban me for bringing cheap referrals for them. A really scam site this is! My money is getting higher & higher. Unfortunately, I only manage to cash out USD$2.24 from P2S. The rest of my money is stuck in my account! Nothing much I can do about it, but to tell you all the reality of Points2shop.

Is P2S or Points2shop really a scam site? The answer is definitely YES! It is a scam site.
Point2shop is not legitimate.

Please spread the words to the entire world!

Learn to discover the truth. As they always say, the truth is out there.


You are welcome to report scams by points2shop in the comments below. Please don’t spam! Thank You!